Deal with GNOME Ubuntu stuck at logo during reboot

Deal with GNOME Ubuntu stuck at logo during reboot

My GNOME Ubuntu VM stuck at logo during reboot, after uninstall and reinstall Python 2.7. There’s somebody on Ubuntu forums meet the same problem: gnome ubuntu doesn’t boot up, stuck at logo with blinking process bar. In this post, we can know about that problem due to gdm missing, and fortunately, I can ssh into the system even if it stuck at logo.

It’s easy to type sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm, and figure out gdm package is missing.

Thus, just use sudo apt-get install gdm, and reboot. GNOME Ubuntu is back; However, there’s another problem is: terminal in GNOME Ubuntu is missing too.

Type sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal, and wait for a while.

Everything is back again.

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