[qira] ImportError: No module named ext.socketio

[qira] ImportError: No module named ext.socketio

Refer to flask.ext.socketio is deprecated, use flask_socketio instead. by DuckLL · Pull Request #200 · geohot/qira · GitHub, this problem appears due to flask.ext.socketio is deprecated at the latest version flask package.

Thus, what we need to do is editing the qira_webserver.py (located at qira/middleware/qira_webserver.py), and replace the imported module from flask.ext.socketio to flask_socketio. We can simply type s/flak.ext.socketio/flask_socketio/g in vim to replace.

Save it, and type qira again. Everything works well.

This issue has been pushed on the geohot repository and accepted for a long while. I’ve tried to pull the lastest repository from Github and install, but still broken. So I write this note for those people have the same problem.

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Sheng-Hao Ma

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